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  • Home - Airconditioning-filter.com is the most informative source on air conditioning systems on the Internet. Everything you need to know, from an evaporator coil to air conditioning filters, Airconditioning-filter.com can help you learn more about your air conditioning parts, equipment and much more.
  • Air conditioning filter – A long lasting air conditioning system begins with frequently changing your air conditioning filters. Having difficulty figuring out when to clean your filters or finding the right one for your home? Airconditioning-filter.com can explain what to look for and the differences and similarities between the air conditioning filters available.
  • Air conditioning compressor - This part of your air conditioning system is needed for compressing gases and creating cool air.  It is located in the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system.  Any maintenance/repair should be performed by an air conditioning company technician.
  • Evaporator Coil – This piece of equipment is located inside the heat pump and absorbs the heat from the air.  It should be checked for rust as part of your regular air conditioning repair and maintenance.
  • Ducts – These sheet metal tubes are used to carry/blow cool air throughout your home/business.  Setup a maintenance schedule to keep your ductwork clean.  This will keep your air conditioning system running efficiently.
  • Air Handler – This indoor unit is essential in creating the cool/warm air that circulates through your central air conditioning system.  It houses the evaporator coil and an air conditioning filter.  Learn about variable speed air handlers.
  • Air conditioning refrigerant - This odorless liquid is needed to create cool air.  The level needs to be checked and maintained by an air conditioning contractor to ensure a properly functioning air conditioning system.
  • Condensing Unit – This outdoor unit is essential in creating the cool air that is spread throughout your home/business.  Keep it clean and level to ensure a well functioning air conditioning system.
  • Thermostat – Learn the differences between digital and programmable thermostats.  Figure out which type of thermostat best suits your needs.
  • Installation – Recognize what issues are important when having an air conditioning company install your residential or commercial central air conditioning system.
  • Repair and ServiceCentral air conditioning not working properly? Find out what you can do to fix minor issues and when to call an air conditioning contractor. Learn how to maintain your air conditioning unit, lower utility bills and increase the longevity of your central air conditioning system.
  • Portable air conditioning - An option for those looking to cool down a certain "hot spot" in the office or home, or maybe you live in an apartment and can't put nails in your windowsill so an air conditioning window unit is not an option. Airconditioning-filter.com shows you how to get the most from your portable air conditioning system.
  • Commercial air conditioning – Determine your air conditioning needs and understand what an air conditioning company or contractor can offer you.
  • Heat Pump - What is a heat pump and how is it essential in cooling and heating of your home/business?  Learn more about heat pump thermostats, electro-mechanical or electronic, which one is better for you?
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about changing your air conditioning filter, what each air conditioning part does, how to detect if your air conditioning system needs to be installed or repaired, and everything there is to know about your air conditioning system!
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