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portable air conditioning

Whether you're at home, in the office or renting an apartment, portable air conditioning could be the answer to your air conditioning and air circulation needs. Easy to move around, portable air conditioning can be transported room to room with hardly any effort. It's also ideal for those oddly shaped windows your spouse was so crazy about when you built your house!

A portable air conditioning unit provides the same heating and air conditioning as an air conditioning system, however, the quantity or the area it cools/heats is smaller and targeted. These rooms could be converted office space (ideal for keeping computer hardware cooler) , attics and basements or even a garage.

Portable air conditioners are also recommended for people with allergies because of the easy-to-replace carbon air condition filters. These filters help to remove pollen, bacteria, animal dander and dust. Portable air conditioners are not to be confused with a portable air cooler. The portable air cooler uses water and evaporation to cool, the same as an evaporative swamp cooler - so only the outside air is used to cool the room. Portable air conditioners actually use Freon to cool and are more effective in their ability to cool rooms while keeping the humidity at a low level.
Commercial and Portable Air conditioning
Although more expensive than evaporative swamp coolers or a window fan, portable air conditioning gives you the feel of central air conditioning with the advantage of generally low air conditioning maintenance . There are no air condition parts to worry about or any air conditioning repair needed. Cleaning the air condition filter is very hands-on and easy to manage - just wipe the air condition filter clean with a soft, damp cloth about every two weeks.

Most portable air conditioners range from 29" to 36" and weigh no more than 85 pounds. Prices usually range from a little under $300 and can go up to $700.

Portable air conditioning is the perfect solution for:

  • Those that are renting an apartment and need more of a concentrated cooling system.
  • For a house or apartment that you don't want to put nails or holes in as you would with an outside air conditioning unit.
  • For senior citizens or the physically challenged who want a simple solution to their air conditioning and central air conditioning needs.
  • Oddly shaped windows or areas that are not receiving enough air circulation.
  • Industrial or commercial air conditioning needs, in specific areas ( such as computer rooms, e tc.)