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commercial air conditioning

Commercial air conditioning is for companies or larger buildings, such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other places that are multi-leveled, have a certain amount of square footage and are visited by the public or have many employees that require a more intricate air conditioning system. For these purposes, there needs to be a specific and advanced air conditioning system . Commercial air conditioning systems need to be high quality while delivering the most cost-effective approach.

Commercial Air ConditioningA trained air conditioning company or air conditioning contractor will meet with the company to determine their commercial air conditioning needs to ensure they get the best quality care and proper equipment.  Routine check-ups will make sure any leaks or small problems get quickly resolved, especially for those places that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, such as hospitals. If there is already an air conditioning system in place, they will look it over and add any new air conditioning equipment or air conditioning parts to make it run smoother, quieter and ensure it will last years to come.

Replacement of air conditioning systems , air conditioning filters, cleaning the ductwork and replacement of the air conditioning refrigerant all result in the saving of electricity and never having a major shutdown of your air conditioning system . Most air conditioning contractors will take care of this when a signed contract for a few years is finalized.

Portable air conditioning is also an option for any rooms that hold computer equipment and database software that do not always get cool enough and other "hot spots" not cooled by the central air conditioning.

Some places that need commercial air conditioning are:

  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Law Firms
  • Universities

Commercial air conditioning is not just the heating and air conditioning of the entire building, but also refrigeration for food preservation. HVACR technicians have to not only install the HVACR systems, but also continue to maintain and repair the air conditioning parts and equipment on a consistent basis. It's wise to find HVACR technicians that specialize in commercial air conditioning so they are familiar with the needs and concerns of their clients.

After installation of the air conditioning and heating systems , the HVACR technicians will install fuel and water supply lines, the ductwork throughout the building to ensure all rooms will get proper insulation and finish by connecting all the electrical wirework. For commercial air conditioning , the air conditioning company will need to view a set of blueprints if the building is not finished to determine where the ductwork will go along with the installation of the air conditioning systems . All HVACR technicians should test any equipment and wiring before final approval of the air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Thermostats will also be installed throughout the building in various rooms to make sure anyone working on any area of any floor can adjust the temperature to their specific needs. Routine inspections are also standard procedure to ensure there are no leaks in the air conditioning refrigerant and that the commercial unit is working properly.