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air conditioning refrigerant

What is "Refrigerant"? Merriam-Webster's Dictionary simply states - a substance used in refrigeration to make or keep cold or cool. Obviously very important in your central air conditioning unit.

Air Conditioning RegrigerantAll air conditioning systems must have air conditioning refrigerant in its system in order to absorb excess heat and result in cool air blowing through the air filters in your home, office or building. Refrigerant is also in the air conditioners of automobiles to provide the very same thing - cold air.

A chemical refrigerant is placed inside the air conditioning system to absorb the unwanted heat which in turn is pumped through an outside unit that will blow the heat to the outside and transfer the outside air to cool air inside your home.

Chlorofluorocarbon, a colorless, nearly odorless liquid is what comprises the refrigerant , also referred to as R-11. When it's placed at room temperature, the liquid starts to boil and can be used in air conditioning systems to assist with heating and air conditioning.

If your air conditioning system is low on air conditioning refrigerant , you might need to contact an air conditioning company or an air conditioning contractor . Often times, the air conditioning refrigerant can be undercharged during the time of an air conditioning installation or there might be a refrigerant leak. Adding more refrigerant will not solve the leak. A reliable air conditioning company will test to see where the leak is coming from and repair the air conditioning part and change the air conditioning to its proper level. This is essential for the very best in air conditioning and refrigeration.

If you live in hot zones, such as Tampa or Los Angeles , replacing your air conditioning filters on a monthly or bi-monthly basis gives all air conditioning parts the very best in functionality and performance, including the air conditioning refrigerant . Just like your car, the more you use air conditioning in your home, the more often you will need to replace the refrigerant . Normally, a HVACR technician will set the air conditioning to its proper level and add to the air conditioning refrigerant if needed.