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evaporator coil

When most people think of their central air conditioning in their home, they hardly think of Evaporator Coilthe pieces of air conditioning equipment that make up the air conditioning unit . However, the evaporator coil is a vital piece of the overall puzzle. The evaporator coil is a piece of a equipment in a heat pump, furnace or overall air conditioning system that is useful in sending cold air throughout the ductwork located in your home. As air is passed through the system, the coil will absorb the heat and you in return get that cold breeze throughout the house.

When you walk outside your home, you can visually see the air conditioning unit but might not pay attention to the evaporator coil when it's in fact right beside the unit. The evaporator coil is usually on top of a furnace and apart from the actual condensing unit.

Over time, the evaporator coil can age to the point that its beyond repair, due to rust and basic wear and tear. This should be looked upon as part of your regular air condition repair. Any air conditioning company would suggest replacing an old evaporator coil to improve airflow and circulation in the home.

Continuing to maintain and replace your evaporator coil is vital to the overall performance of your air conditioning unit and managing the refrigerant to establish the heating and cooling of your home. Without it, you will be left with nothing but hot air blowing through the vents. Also keep in mind that if you ever have to purchase a new furnace, cased evaporator coils are ideal for this very purpose.Central Air Conditioning & Evaporator Coil

You should also continue to regularly change your air conditioning filter to make sure your evaporator coil is working properly. By cleaning your air conditioner filter and also in and around the air duct, you can save money year round and insure your family a healthier environment.

No matter if you have commercial air conditioning, such as in a hospital or restaurant, or you're renting an A/C unit for industrial air conditioning purposes, your air conditioning system needs to be maintained to help shave costs every year and save you time in the future.